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Transforming Good Vision into Good Actions
Doing good

This is an online “do it yourself” guide to infusing your business with the power of Doing Good. It's also a call to action for business owners, leaders, and employees in all industries across the world to become agents for change.

We invite you to get inspired with DGtube & DGmagazine, and to create a better world with your unique vision and our diverse and powerful toolbox.



Practical tools by DGM for implementing "Doing Good" within your organization

My wheel of being

Use this simple method to relate the state of being at any given moment

Implementing the value of sustainability

Discover the practice procedure for implementing the value of sustainability in your organization

Organizational value based forum

Find out how to develop an organizational value-based forum


Spreading the good in your life should start with a deep meaningful inspiration

“We Are All One” Practices

Learn how to create an “We Are All One” atmosphere in your organization

5 Ways to Give

A few simple steps to implementing the value of giving

How can you encourage vitality in the organization?

Ever had a day, week, or month where everything you did just works? It feels great, right?