How to create “we are all one” atmosphere in the organization

  1. Enhancing Information Transparency

    Our willingness to work together is much higher when we know and understand exactly what's happening, what's required of us, and why our collaboration is important.

  2. Increasing Frequency of Contact

    The more interactions we have with our peers, the more likely we are to work together and know how to cooperate.
  1. Extending the Time Limit

    Having a long-term thinking approach instead of a short-term focus, promotes team collaboration, and helps understand why it is necessary.

  2. Increasing Social Reciprocity

    Research shows that we are more likely to cooperate if the person in front of us is also cooperating. It is important to make it easier for people to collaborate and work together, rather than be competitive with each other.
  3. Never Underestimate the Power of Hope

    Studies show that there's a much smaller chance that we will act or work together if the situation seems hopeless to us.

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