How can you encourage vitality in the organization?

Ever had a day, week, or month where everything you did just works? It feels great, right? You walk around with an excellent mood, radiating with positive energy. Imagine if you were given the chance to step into a machine that can freeze that moment. You probably wouldn't hesitate a second before stepping inside.

But, in reality, there are no such machines, and moments of frozen happiness only exist in fairy tales. Most of us get caught up in the rat race of work-life and are constantly searching for the next moment that can make our lives more interesting, vital and exciting. That moment that just makes us happy.

Typical daily activities at work are often associated with concepts such as emotional exhaustion, fatigue, and stress, which are of course among the greatest foes of vitality.

But, even if you don't have a magical machine, you can still promote the livelihood among the people in your organization, with the help of a few simple principles:

  1. Just Move

    Employees at New Balance, the global sneakers and sports apparel maker, discovered that small bursts of exercise throughout the day helped increase their level of engagement and focus. Remaining seated in one spot for more than an hour or two is unhealthy for us. It increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and other health problems. It also diminishes creative thinking and can disrupt hormones in our body.
    You don't need a fancy gym or yoga studio in your organization. It's enough to simply encourage your employees to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. You can mark a nice walking path around the building so that employees will walk to lunch or inspire them to add some stretching exercises to their daily morning routine.
    Here's a great exemple for how vitality can change behaviour for the better:
  2. Just Have Fun

    The Tarahumara Native American tribe are famed for their great long-distance running ability and exceptional physical health and tranquil mind. Researchers have found that they frequently run hundreds of kilometers, not to hunt down their dinner or win a competition, but because they relax – and enjoy it.
    This might sound odd, but organizations that are more advanced in their readiness and understanding, are redesigning everything, from the workspace to their leadership training programs, in ways that make them a lot more fun for employees
  3. Just Be in the right Zone

    Employees suffering from stress have a lower level of productivity, are less efficient and less pleasant to the environment. Having fun, exercising, playing games and talking with colleagues can all help significantly reduce stress in the workplace. Identify what fills you with positive energy in your day to day work and strengthen it by creating empowering opportunities for yourself and your surroundings.
  4. Just Eat Good Food

    Encourage your employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle with a few simple steps such as: changing the menus in the organization, initiating a 30-day no sugar challenge, providing healthy eating tips that can be found in the internal corporate network, bringing in guest lectures from time to time and conducting cooking and nutrition education workshops to increase awareness of healthy nutrition and eating behaviors.
  5. Just Be Balanced

    Achieving and maintaining a healthy work/life balance is crucial for employees to be able to take on the busy week with high vibes and positive energy. So, try to arrange fun activities for parents and children to do together during school holidays, as well as social gatherings with employees and their spouses. Provide professional assistance during a personal or family crisis. In general, expanding the range of services offered to your employees and their families will do wonders for their motivation, energy, and vitality.
  1. Just remember, you are not alone. Develop an organizational forum that is focused on making a significant and positive change in your employees' lifestyles and is dedicated to exploring ways to expand the various circles of influence, even outside of the organization. Because when everyone is happy, things go even better!

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