DG Toolbox

Practical tools by DGM for implementing "Doing Good" within your organization

Organizational value based forum

Find out how to develop an organizational value-based forum

My wheel of being

Use this simple method to relate the state of being at any given moment

My energy questionnaire

The following questionnaire will serve as a basis for learning how to make better choices in life and work

OJF | On the Job Feedback

Why and how to use on the job feedback? Click to discover

Implementing the value of sustainability

Discover the practice procedure for implementing the value of sustainability in your organization

Identify your value-mate supplier

Want to find the right suppliers for your organization's value compass? Use the following questionnaire

Volunteering Journey

Click to reveal the process of implementing the value of volunteering in your organization

The value compass

Take a moment to zoom in, map out and analyze how your organizational values are being applied effectively

How To Improve Employee's Financial Freedom?

Enrich your employees’ knowledge with helpful lectures in the fields that are most interesting to them

Organizational value-based campaign

Find out how to create sustainability campaign or other value-based campaign in your organization.

Positive It

Receive a full and easy-to-use kit to Positive It!

Communication Tool

Discover how to communicate the DGM DNA process step by step